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What are you looking forward to?


This morning I intended driving to an alternative location for my photoshoot.

Instinctively I knew to travel to my favourite destination.

The farmer has been absolutely amazing.

My photographic equipment was ready to roll before the shoot.

When I arrived at my spot, I knew it was going to be an incredible sunrise.

I realised I would need to cross the road and step onto the farmer’s land. I have been shooting from his farm on the other side of the road.

Sometimes one needs to take a leap of faith. I did just that.

Soon after I started clicking my camera button, the farmer gave me a wave, as he knows me now.

The sky transformed into an intense kaleidoscope of blues, reds, oranges and golds.

My camera was rotating on my tripod as everywhere I turned, the beauty before me was indescribable.

If you look carefully, you will notice a tractor in the field.

It has always been my dream, something I’ve been looking forward to, capturing the authentic Australian countryside, as I did this morning.

It is True Blue beauty.

Seeing God face to face!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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