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Wave of Excitement!

It was some time since I’d been to the Coast and I decided it was a great morning to drive to the Gold Coast, Australia.

My vehicle was packed, so I departed early in the morning.

As I had not been to this particular beach before, it was important for me to arrive early at sunrise to establish where I was going to do my photo shoot from.

The incoming tide always adds excitement.

I stood on the beach and took some images, lowering my tripod at different times and then raising it, for different effects.

People were starting to walk on the beach and surfers were populating the beach behind me, where the waves were good.

Sunrise was beautiful and illuminated the clouds to stunning shades of coppery gold.

Even though the water may look cool, I love to introduce warmth to my work which attracts attention and draws people into the image.

The sun soaked water against the rocks fascinated me. I was standing on that rock shelf, clicking away at my camera, using my filters, as the tide was coming in.

Don’t you love to watch and hear the thunder of the waves against the rocks?

My intention was to capture the water cascading over the rocks which gives the appearance of fine spun gold.

Warmth and coolness complement each other, considering the colours of the sky.

Landscape and seascape photography is what I’m passionate about.

Photography, as a landscape/seascape photographer, is not just what I do, but it’s who I am!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Clare Page Photography: Committed to Excellence!