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Toy Soldier: Rockefeller Centre, New York!

The size of the toy soldier immediately attracted my attention.

The colours were bright and his size, impressive.

To be honest, I was like a child in a candy store when I walked around Rockefeller Centre. My mother was passionate about Christmas. She loved God and she shared her child-like delight with me regarding Christmas.

I most definitely inherited mum’s love of lights, Christmas trees, flowers, Christmas decorations and presents. Mum would also make her Christmas cake, traditional mince pies and Christmas pudding. Her love of tradition was wonderful to witness.

Each year, at the same time, mum would bake for Christmas and the fare she produced was more than delicious. I can remember her putting money (cleaned beforehand) into her Christmas pudding.

As children, we were delighted when we discovered we had a coin in our portion of the pudding.

Food for thought!