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Tears in a Bottle!

I purposefully left the rain drops in the image.

It was captured this morning. I stood my ground even though the wind was beating against me and my equipment.

The umbrella under those conditions was ineffective!

God has put on my heart to post this blog this morning.

This message is for someone who feels desperate, living from one moment to the next!

When we are experiencing circumstances that stretch us to our capacity, this is a time to take stock.

Stand tall and speak life and God’s Light, His Word, into the dark hour of your soul.

His Word is a two edged sword! It will pierce the darkness and illuminate your heart and soul.

Ask God to wrap you in His love and to experience His peaceful presence.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace in the midst of your storm. Rebuke the storm.

And draw from the power of God. Inform the circumstances of how big God is!

God contains your tears in a bottle. That is how much He loves you!

Be at peace!