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Cabarita Beach, New South Wales, Australia, is one of my favourite beaches.

This shoot was captured as the sunrise was already ‘happening’.

I arrived as the sun was piercing through the dark clouds earlier in the morning.

The contrast between the clouds and the blue sky and the activity of the waves adds interest.

My equipment is good quality, using filters to add different dynamics to images captured.

Waders is what I wear which enable me to step into a lake, river or ocean whilst offering a variety of various angles without getting wet, particularly when it is cold.

Shooting in the ocean of course involves a lot more activity in that I keep my eyes on the waves. I have had some close calls with my equipment becoming wet from a rogue wave.

This was such a fantastic shoot even though I arrived as the sun has risen above the horizon.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Images are available on my website as either framed or unframed.