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Stay and Play!

What an incredible time I had on my photo shoot at Magnetic Island, near Townsville, Australia.

It takes 35 minutes by ferry to reach the island. I brought my vehicle with me enabling me to travel around in a 4X4.

Some of the roads, particularly the roads less travelled, require creative driving at times. But they are well worth the journey.

Although the day was cloudy, it makes it more interesting from a photographic perspective.

Picnic Beach was one of my favourite beaches on the island, where I captured this image.

People were relaxing at the water’s edge. Boats and yachts were cruising in front of me.

Whilst fishermen were intent on catching something worthwhile from the pier.

Nearby is a great hotel that sells fantastic food at reasonable prices.

I lowered my tripod in the sand and my camera and filters were used for some time.

As a Landscape/Seascape photographer, I love to engage in conversation in addition to appreciating the beauty before me, in peace.

The things of the world drop away and one becomes one with our Creator, God in a setting such as this.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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