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This image was captured whilst I was well into my shoot.

As a Landscape Photographer I know the relevance of not shooting into the sun, but there are occasions, when I instinctively know to capture something that is special. This was one of them!

Using photographic filters enables me, as a landscape/seascape photographer to shoot into the sun, particularly where there are reflections.

Filters, in a way, can be likened to sunglasses. They eliminate the glare, particularly Polarising lenses.

The tide was receding, and the wet sand offered a good opportunity to capture the reflection of the sun, sky and clouds on the sand.

Its an interesting picture of different dynamics and contrasts between warm and cool colours.

Sometimes we need to think outside of the square and that is my intentionality as a landscape photographer to initiate images that linger longer in your memory.

At times, they can be vividly visual, whilst on other occasions they can represent peace, solace and tranquility, that soothe the soul!

Once I gather momentum, after the first click of my camera button, it is my intention to compose and visualise ‘components’ in the image that come together in their individuality, that introduce interest.

My tripod was stretched across the sand, introducing accuracy in what I saw in that moment, bringing it to you.

This photoshoot was truly memorable, with so many different dynamics that created memorable moments for me, and for you.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Flagstaff Beach, New South Wales, Australia