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Seek & Find – “the light was extravagant and extraordinary”

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is Seek & Find, shot at Torquay Road.

From Clare’s Journal

This superb location was discovered after intentionally seeking new destinations to drive to for photoshoots. We had recently moved close by. I spent some time researching the coastline and drove to this hideaway place. Instinctively I knew it was ideal for future photoshoots.

As I use filters, the conditions need to be absolutely calm. The absence of wind is paramount, otherwise the yachts are blurred. It also necessitates considering the tide. iI needs to be full to offer perfect reflections of the yachts and a cloudy sunrise is always an advantage by offering interest and a distinct dynamic to an image.

On the morning of this photoshoot, I wore my waders and secured my camera onto my tripod. As always, I wear my filter pouch around my waist for convenience. 

When I stepped into the water just before first light, with the tide rising, instinctively I knew it was going to be a sublime sunrise. Experience is almost everything. God has taught me what to expect in a sunrise by looking intently at the cloud formations.

Light started leaking across the horizon. In an instant I recognised the eruption of light before me was going to overflow across the horizon. The reflections would then represent a mirror image of the light emitting from the clouds and sky.

Capturing the Shot

Carefully I reduced my tripod to an appropriate height, as I did not want the objects in the sand to be revealed in the image due to the tide. Then I began clicking my shutter release button. The light was extravagant and extraordinary as it soaked the water with perfect reflections. 

I treaded carefully through the water to change my compositions to add depth and variation to the superb sunrise conditions. Light like that does not normally linger for too long, but God blessed me with an exceptional sunrise that has remained fresh in my mind.

Soon after the sunrise, the wind picked up, but I was blessed to have captured the boats before they became blurred. As I walked away from that beautiful location, that lends itself to an atmosphere of paradise, I packed my camera equipment into my vehicle and knew that God had gifted me with something special. I was elated and peaceful at the same time, as the scene before me soaked my soul.

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