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Realise Your Dream!

The sunrise this particular day was incredible.

Before first light, I noticed clouds that formed intriguing patterns.

As the light illuminated the sky, and the reflections of the clouds on the water became more distinct, I became really excited.

I sat on a wall, with my tripod and camera between my legs. It proved to be a good pivotal position.

Enabling me to rotate my camera whilst my tripod was reduced in height, almost at ground level.

Landscape photography always excites me as each new day or evening, sunrise or sunset, is so distinctly different, of course.

When I arrive at my photoshoot destination, I always survey the landscape or seascape and decide in advance, what’s the best composition.

Which constantly changes as the light weaves through clouds or simply bursts over the horizon in a blue sky.

My intentionality is to always be original and creative with my camera and filters.

I’m focused on consistently evolving as a landscape photographer. And pursuing my God-given passion.

Australia: It’s great to be back home!

I am living my dream and occupying it’s reality! Are you?

Thank you for liking my work!

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