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This is one of my current favourite photoshoot destinations. It is spectacular for sunrises and sunsets.

Lake Coomera, Queensland, Australia, is a wonderful location for people to relax, either by walking, jogging or cycling.

The reflections of the clouds in the water, accentuated by the use of photographic filters, is a beautiful blend of colours and cloud activity.

Life goes by too quickly, allowing unforgiveness to ‘creep’ into relationships, sometimes attempting to disguise itself.

If you have a heaviness of heart, when that person walks into the room that you are holding a grudge against, you have an internal ‘reaction’ to them.

That is unforgiveness, sometimes ‘blended’ with other emotions that could be destructive.

It’s imperative to keep a check on our heart health life, guarding it from any poisonous roots and shoots, which is relevant to a healthy mind and life.

What condition is your heart in? Not merely your physical heart, but emotionally, what does it say about you?

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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