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Believing who you were created to be and the gifts that God has birthed in you.

Be encouraged where you are at today.

At times the journey can be lonely. Or perhaps you may be experiencing a period of not advancing to where you would like to be, in the time you think it should be!

Resist discouragement, distractions, competitiveness, resentment, struggle and striving.

Your time is coming where what you have deposited yourself into, having faith in God, will bear good fruit.

Perseverance and patience are important’ ingredients’ to navigate you in your journey.

Expect, and thrive in hope, in contentment and cultivate a heart of peacefulness. The wait will be worth it!

Attend to the needs of those around you!

We are all growing towards the time of God’s perfection and completeness.

Joy is a Spirit, decide to be joyful in every circumstance. It is God’s will and His strength.

Give thanks in every situation and disallow the roots of the past to occupy your present future!

Make peace with yourself and your past!

Do yourself a favour …

Forgive, release and let God be God!