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Morning Glory

Join me in experiencing my adventures and excitement on my photo shoots, as I unwrap my journey involved in capturing images that linger, whilst reflecting spectacular scenery that soak the soul with peace and hope!

On the morning of this photo shoot, I knew I was in for a treat, a delight, in capturing the light. Surfers Paradise is close to home whilst it’s an incredible beach to capture sunrises! 

But I know the importance of arriving at this destination early, as it’s a favourite with cyclists, joggers, and beach walkers. Particularly dog walkers! The dogs enjoy chasing the seagulls, whilst some thrive in barking at the waves! It’s a wonderful scene to witness. Friendly dogs come running up to me which brings joy to my heart!

Surfers Paradise is versatile as it’s expansive, offering photographers an opportunity to capture, not only inspirational light, but in adding interest, including the impressive hotels that hug the shoreline and dominate the skyline!

The reflections of the hotels add incredible interest, particularly just before sunrise. Of course, the tide needs to be coming in, as the water washes across the sand, reflecting the buildings in a beautiful way. It is a wonderful sight to witness in the early morning, golden light.

Once I’d established where I was going to shoot from, I secured my tripod in the sand and prepared my camera to capture the stunning light before me.

As the photo shoot evolved, the light improved. The ocean was energetic as always, just before sunrise, the sea became more tranquil as the light matured. It was a productive shoot as I chased the light, shifting my tripod to maximise the spectacular scene before me.

I walked off the beach and rinsed my tripod legs knowing I’d captured some incredible shots.