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It’s Time!

Come and join me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photoshoot.

I enjoyed the drive to this incredible beach. Currumbin beach is a thrilling beach to capture sunrise shots. When the tide is full, the waves crash against the rocks which almost take my breath away with excitement.

This destination is one of my favourite photo shoot locations on the Gold Coast. It is unpredictable as I never quite know what to expect. Sometimes the ocean can be as calm as a lake and on other occasions, it was been tempestuous.

Quite honestly, I enjoy the excitement of big waves as they make their way to the shore. New Zealand was an opportunity to sharpen my photographic skills. However, the Gold Coast has taken my work to another level as I know how sharp I need to be.

On the morning of this shoot, the waves were powerful. The tide was coming in, as the water swept across the rocks, with force. The unpredictability of the waves is what keeps me on my toes. I watch the waves and study their momentum. But, in saying that, I have had rogue waves splash my equipment.

I wear waders which enable me to remain fairly dry when big waves crash against the rocks, at my feet. The concentration involved is fairly intense. I walk away from photo shoots that have been exciting, with a spring in my step. There is always so much to learn, which keeps me sharpened as a fine art landscape photographer.

As I packed away my photographic equipment I sensed I had some special shots in the ‘bag’.

Thank you for enjoying my work!

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