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All my photo shoots are special, but some stand out as extraordinary, when the conditions all line up to make it a memorable time.

Not just for myself, but for you. Taking you to another space and place.

Wellington Point, Queensland, Australia is well populated by fishermen, where they launch their boats from this side of the jetty.

The jetty is also a popular feature for fishermen and the public to appreciate the scenery particularly at sunrise and sunset.

Brilliant gold as the sun was soaking the water with its intensity. It most certainly warms up the image, doesn’t it?

During the last few months I have spent several hours, sharpening my photographic skills at Wellington Point.

Wearing my waders, with my camera attached to my tripod, it brings me great joy to have witnessed God’s handiwork.

The seagulls and pelicans wait with expectancy, for the fishermen to arrive back with a healthy haul of fish.

As a Landscape Photographer, I love people, travel and nature.

I am blessed to enjoy meeting people and exchanging life stories with the people I meet.

Or altneratively, some photo shoots are very quiet, in remote locations, where I witness the beauty of my Creator on my own.

Either way, photography is my passion and my purpose. And to bring you something that will be a personal interpretation for you.

Thank you for appreciating my work!