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In the Mood

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is “In the Mood”, shot at Lake Pukaki in New Zealand.

From Clare’s Journal

At the time of capturing this image of Lake Pukaki, I was living in Australia. I flew into Christchurch Airport and stayed in a small town en route to Lake Pukaki.

The following morning, I arrived at Lake Pukaki. It was windswept with heavy clouds, that were impregnated with rain. This was in stark contrast with the turquoise coloured water rapidly releasing its power to the shoreline of the lake.

It is under those conditions, where the lake resembles an ocean, that I thrive. I have been exposed to an assortment of weather conditions which sharpen my photographic skills. 

As a mature woman Fine Art Landscape Photographer, I have been blessed with flying in a helicopter, doors off, over Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand. I was fortunate to land on Mt Tutoko, Fiordland and captured heaven on earth experiences.

I have been recognised by some, as an extreme nature Fine Art Landscape Photographer. Freezing cold temperatures, on land and in the water, don’t deter me. I thrive in conditions where the ocean pumps big waves towards me and when the wind is out of control and the rain represents bullets, pelting at my body. 

But here is the line that changes everything. I know that God is in control and when I’m shooting in extreme weather conditions, I remain within the boundaries of His protection. I am safe.

Before I go on any photo shoots, I prepare myself, physically, emotionally and mentally. I research the areas intensely, that I’m going to visit, and my intention is to locate out of the way, off the beaten track destinations. Even without GPS, they are still available.

Capturing the Shot

I visited Lake Pukaki, travelling down a remote road, far removed from the tourist tracks. The experiences at the lake that morning, with the wind whipping the water into a frenzy, elevated my soul and spirit to another level. 

My tripod was firmly secured onto the rocks alongside the lake, whilst my camera was safely in position on my tripod. On each occasion, when I moved to another area of the lake, I guarded my photographic equipment, by standing with my back to the wind, acting as a buffer.

It was a momentous photo shoot. The renowned turquoise coloured water, contrasted against the mountains and moodiness of the black clouds. The water is due to fine silt particles in the water, this is a result of glacial erosion. The silt is so fine it does not settle to the bottom quickly, remaining in suspension in the lake water.

Once I had packed up my camera, tripod and filters, I headed to my friend’s home. I was thrilled and yet tamed by the severe challenges of nature that were responsible for improving my art.

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