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Fire up your Creativity! !

This image I captured during a late afternoon in North Queensland, Australia.

Regularly I drove to this photo shoot destination to witness incredible smoke ‘clouds’ as a result of sugar cane farmers burning their sugar cane leaves, before the it was due to be railed to the sugar refinery.

The smoke plumes were very dramatic particularly just before sun set.

I arrived at a farm where corn was growing and became acquainted with the farmer. We exchanged life stories. He was fine about my using his land for photographic purposes.

That’s what I love about being a Landscape Photographer. The silence mixed with meeting interesting people.

During some of the photo shoots, I was able to draw in my camera lens, changing my focal length, to create a more dramatic picture. Some of the fires were closer than others, as this one was.

My heart would almost skip a beat when I noticed the dynamics of light become influenced by the deep colours of the setting sun.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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