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Expect the Unexpected!

This image was taken from Bennett’s Bluff, on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Road, New Zealand.

I always leave home very early, home being Wanaka

The drive from Wanaka to Queenstown is quite challenging, driving along the Crown Range during the early hours.

My vehicle is comfortable, safe and warm and a pleasure to drive. Of course it has all my photographic equipment at the back.

It has become my office, where my camera, tripod and accessories are easily accessible.

Driving in the dark, with the temperature plummeting to just above freezing, whilst witnessing the star studded sky and the mountains almost ’embrace’ me in the dark, is indescribable.

I’m well acquainted with the route. Habitually I have a hot chocolate break in Queenstown and then prepare myself for my shoot.

Stepping into my waders and preparing my camera, ready to go when I arrive at my destination for my shoot.

Bennett’s Bluff is approximately a 20 minute drive, leaving Queenstown for Glenorchy, on one of the most spectacular drives.

It can take considerable time to arrive at Glenorchy from Queenstown on a spectacular day due to the awe-inspiring scenery. Perfect for landscape photographers.

I arrived at my spot pre-dawn. It is frequently used for overnight stops.

Fortunately that morning I had the area to myself, so not disturbing anyone.

As it was dark, I remained in my vehicle until it was safe and appropriate to commence my photoshoot.

Being a landscape photographer, I am conscious of specifically sharpening my photography to refine and define it to Fine Art Photography.

As the morning light broke the night sky, Lake Wakatipu became soaked in warm sunlight.

The mountains were becoming interesting as they absorbed the light from the sun at sun rise.

As you can see, the road winds around the coastline.

Landscape photography is associated with nature/creation of course.

It is challenging yet stimulating at the same time, as you are unable to manipulate the light as you can, in a studio.

But there is nothing else I would rather be doing, capturing the brilliance of God’s Creation.

Thank you for liking my work.

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