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Driving Through The Fog!!

My intention was to drive to the Coast and to do a sunrise photo shoot.

When I drove onto the freeway and saw the fog, instinctively I knew the countryside was calling me!

It was good to be driving along the back roads I am so familiar with.

As I drove further inland, the fog became very thick, I could barely see in front of me.

But I have a fantastic vehicle, my eyes were peeled for kangaroos as they are a regular feature in this area.

As dawn was approaching, the temperature dropped considerably.

At sunrise, certain areas were in darkness due to the density of the fog. All motorists were cautious.

Some time had passed since I’d travelled along the Scenic Rim, my heart skipped a beat as a Landscape Photographer, as I travelled along the back country roads.

Due to the quietness of the area, I was able to position my tripod and camera in the middle of the road, at various heights, offering different dynamics.

My intentionality was to capture this image as I saw it. The Ravens were vocal, joined by other bird song.

The landscape was lush after good rain. It represents Australia as we know and love it.  Bright and beautiful!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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