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Travelling along the road from Queenstown, New Zealand, to Glenorchy is always memorable.

On each occasion I have travelled on that road, it has been an inspirational experience.

The contrast of the landscape is a delight, particularly to a landscape photographer.

I drew close to the lake and immediately secured my camera to my tripod, gathering my filters, whilst I waded into the lake.

Lake Wakatipu is impressive in size and beauty and the colour of the water has an instant attraction.

The hues of the lake are influenced by the sky, of course.

The sand flies were prolific. It necessitated using my filter cloth to distract them from landing on my filter.

Apart from the sand flies, particularly during the summer season, it was a slice of paradise.

A long cloud ‘hugged’ the mountain in its entirety.

It was a breathless day, without a breeze, so the extensive cloud added particular interest to the landscape.

That moment could be described as, ‘beautiful beyond description’!

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