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Do you have what it takes?!

Of course you do! What are you doing with what God has put in your hands?

I spent too many years expecting God and other people to do what I am accountable for!

The acronym for Fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real! But it is a lie from the Devil. Stop believing the false truths. It is time to get up and to get out!

How long are you going to wait for the right moment before you stop procrastinating and activate your faith and use the tools in your hands?

Anxiety is another lie from the devil! I permitted anxiety to freeze my progress. In everything, I perceived and lived in the ‘worst case scenario’!

Careless words and conversations are rooted in thoughts that are influenced by the emotional pain or upheaval we are experiencing or being carrying around for too long!

We need to consider our words carefully, being sensitive, as they introduce life and death into our life and influence other people, either positively or negatively.

What we have today is more than likely what we have spoken over our life, in the past!

Our words are initiated by our thought processes, which form a behavioural pattern. Either for good or bad.

Guard your heart and reckless words, which are a result of  lacking in wisdom.

Living in regret over impulsiveness associated with behavioural issues, hinders progress to being healed and made whole, in God’s image!

This image was captured recently of me standing in the lake! It takes passion, purpose, dedication and discipline to live your dream!

Please ‘hear’ my words, that is how strong my message is! I allowed time to pass me by, for too long before I fulfilled God’s purpose for my life!

It is time to position yourself in God and to walk into your destiny.

Your history does not define your identity or your present/future!