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Join me in experiencing my adventures and excitement on my photo shoots, as I unwrap my journey involved in capturing images that linger, whilst reflecting spectacular scenery that soak the soul with peace and hope!

Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast, Australia, is always a thrilling beach to shoot from. I have captured images from this location where the waves have crashed against the rocks with such force that the sea spray has been seen at an impressive height.

At either low or high tides, I thrive on sharpening my photographic skills at Currumbin beach. When I arrive there, I observe what the rhythm of the ocean is like on the morning. It is wise to do that, as naturally, the ocean is powerful and unpredictable.

I have been caught being splashed unexpectedly. I can honestly say that I respect God and His creation, so I never arrive at a destination with a blasé attitude. On the morning of this shoot, the tide was on the brink of receding.

Understandably, the tide needs to be full for good shots of the ocean, either lapping or crashing against the rocks. Nature never repeats itself, and it is my intention to be consistently different in where I stand at my destinations of choice. Irrespective of how many times I may have shot there. And to experiment with my camera and photographic lenses.

Although the ocean looks calm, it was very energetic and lively that morning. The colours of the sky reflected across the water are soft, yet captivating, whilst the clouds add interest, so do the rocks in the foreground. Composition is important in drawing one into the interest of the image.

The light was incredible during that morning. I packed away my equipment, instinctively knowing it was a unique photo shoot.