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This is another image captured in my most recent photo shoot of Mt Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand.

I was intrigued with the formation of light and the dynamics that presented itself to me.

Landscape photography, or as a landscape photographer, involves searching for the unusual or the extraordinary in every place.

Sometimes the most obvious things are within reach without us realising it.

As I walked towards the mountains, I noticed the river had deepened considerably offering inspirational reflections of the mountains.

I wanted to ‘frame’ the image using the tree, as a subtlety.

Photography is no different to anything else in life, what you put in, you receive in return.

It involves discipline, diligence and a passion to overcome some incredible obstacles to reach your destination.

As a mature female landscape photographer, I could have hung my camera up some time ago.

But instead, I chose to fix my focus on achieving in what seems impossible.

With God all things are possible. He enables me to advance into unknown territory with a ‘knowing’ that everything is going to be alright!

My intention was not to capture the mountains, but to add intrigue by focussing on them in the form a reflection.

Thank you for liking my work!

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