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Come with me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photo shoot.

Redcliffe beach is a fantastic beach for photography, fishing and strolling.

I arrived at this beach just before first light. The advantage is it’s fairly close to home. It was winter, the sunrise was at a good time. Although getting up very early to drive to a location of my choice is easy for me.

The tide was going out whilst the weather conditions were perfect. I secured my tripod in the sand and started shooting right away.

As it was an early winter’s morning, there were few people about. When the light hit the horizon, the colours were exquisite. The breeze was gentle, whilst the water lapped lazily onto the shoreline.

My photographic filters were conveniently attached to a belt, which is worn around my waist. Filters give an accurate colour and add smoothness to the water. I use photographers filters on every photo shoot.

At the end of my photo shoot, I packed away my photographic equipment with a joy in my step as I instinctively knew it was a special time spent capturing some unique shots.