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Anchored – a soothing blend of tranquility

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is Anchored, shot at Norah Head beach & Lighthouse in NSW, Australia.
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Norah Head Beach and Lighthouse is one of my favourite locations on the New South Wales Central Coast precinct. It is conveniently located to Terrigal which is a very popular seaside resort.

Walking from the Norah Head lighthouse to the beach is always a challenge as darkness increases as I approach the beach. The beach is superb, although unpredictable, due to its location. 

Each step towards the rock shelf becomes a little easier as I have my headlamp on. The tide, the strength and height of the waves, determine how adventurous I am on the rocks.

If the tide is coming in and the waves are too big, I remain on the beach. I always wear waders when I’m doing photoshoots at the coast as I immerse myself in the image, so to speak, using my camera, lens and photographic filters. My tripod works very hard when I’m at the coast as the waves can be sizeable and sometimes boisterous! But I stand my ground waiting for good shots.

My passion is for my Fine Art Landscape/Seascape Photography to transport individuals to another space and place. So, by being in the water, people viewing my work are immersed with me, in my world as a Fine Art Photographer, in the moment of capturing something special, either at sunrise or sunset.

My intentionality is to include features such as a lighthouse or a jetty, or any other object that will add interest. I enjoy combining the excitement of the waves with a soothing blend of tranquility in another area of the image I am composing and shooting.

Photographic composition, like art, distinguishes an extraordinary image from an ordinary image. The sun, and its effect on the water, the rocks, the clouds and the lighthouse are subjects of warmth, whilst the coolness of the ocean cascading smoothly over the rocks introduces a sense of calm and soothing to the soul. The world is my playground.