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Come and join me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photoshoot.

Wellington Point is a beautiful location which is close to home. My camera bag and my photographic equipment is always at hand. On the morning of this photoshoot, I researched the weather for the day.

To my surprise I noticed a cloudy day, which is not too common during the hot and humid summer months we experience here.

After a short drive to Wellington Point, I secured my camera onto my tripod and prepared my composition. As first light transitioned to a mature light on the horizon, I started using my photographic filters.

As the light became more dominant, I used the filters that were appropriate for the sunlight at that moment. The tide was full, so I stood on the rocks to capture this image.

Wellington Point is a popular destination for fishermen, and it is equally popular with the Pelicans who eagerly await fish from the fishing boats. I enjoy hearing the outboard motors of the fishing boats roar during the early morning.

It was interesting witnessing the light almost explode before my eyes as I captured this shot. Landscape/seascape photography is stimulating and I have come to expect the unexpected. My camera was very busy that morning as I clicked my shutter release to capture numerous images in order to select a quality image.

The light was strong but it did not remain that way for long. It is in moments like that, that a photographer cannot waste time. Each second is important to draw the maximum strength and colour from the sky. The reflections across the ocean were inspirational. It was a memorable photoshoot.

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