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Woman with a Voice!

Every picture paints a thousand words!

You have seen my images and what God has chosen for me: A landscape photographer capturing His creation through His lens.

I am humbled by what God is enabling me to capture, for His purpose.

But, it was not always like that for me …

I was born and grew up in South Africa.

My mother was on the eve of her 41st Birthday when she gave birth to me.

Times were tough as money was tight in our home.

I became another mouth to feed.

Frustration, fear and anxiety became a breeding ground in our home and those deadly emotions escalated with time.

As I developed into adolescence, I became my mother’s voice as a result of circumstances at home.

Depression set in on the brink of my teenage years. I did not know that it had a name.

It became my identity for several decades!

I believed the lies that were spoken over my life. Representing ‘false’ truths!

Today, I am here to tell some of my story to you as I want you to know and to be encouraged, whatever you are going through, ‘don’t give up’!

At the age of 50, I was gifted my purpose in the form of a camera. It has transformed my life.

Photography is not my idol, instead it is God’s vehicle enabling me to reach the nations!

It is more than that. I have been called to tell my story!

God has awakened the urgency of the hour and I cannot keep it to myself any longer.

My story is His story, History in the making.

I will be releasing my story, ‘more than words can say’, in front of the video camera some time in the near future.

My advice: to the young don’t hesitate/procrastinate and to the mature it is not too late!

Clare Page Photography: An intelligent investment!

Image: Lake Wanaka, New Zealand