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Home 5 Journal 5 Windswept!


This was an incredible photoshoot. Everything came together nicely.

A full tide, a beautiful sunrise where the light literally soaked the sky and water with colour, whilst the wind grew in speed and whipped up the waves.

My tripod was in the water and at times a ‘rogue’ wave would arrive exhibiting great power. It necessitated removing my tripod from the water, preventing my camera and filters from getting wet.

That happened on a few occasions during this photoshoot.

As a Landscape Photographer, I have learnt to read the sets of waves coming in, enabling me to get my timing right when they crash against the rocks.

But sometimes, I didn’t read the waves too well.

I wore my fisherman’s waders which serve their purpose, every time.

The colours and the dynamics of the land being so contrasted with the sky and sea, continued to inspire me, to carry on with my photoshoot.

Although the tide was receding, every time I decided to wander further out into the ocean, that’s when I really got wet.

Capturing God’s creation through a lens that defines His beauty is what continues to invigorate me, even though I’m a mature Landscape Photographer, it is my intention to fine tune my craft: being photography.

Flagstaff Beach, New South Wales, Australia, is a popular surfing beach, as a result, the street was full of parked cars.

This was one of my longer photo shoots,but the drive home was quick, due to my moving down the coast. A good move.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Flagstaff Beach, New South Wales, Australia