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Welcome to my World!

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Before you click onto something else! Read what it takes to be dedicated, disciplined and determined, as a mature female landscape photographer!

It is almost time for me to say farewell to this spectacular country. We arrived in Wanaka, New Zealand, on the 1 June 2016. In a short space of time, I have evolved and learnt so much: about God, myself, people and photography.

The Bible says, “Forget the former things, for I am doing a new thing.” I will never be the same again after what I’ve been exposed to, in every dimension of life. The lessons learnt have been instrumental in enabling me to sharpen my photographic skills, and to grow as a person. Increasing my capacity to love and to forgive quickly as life is too short to hold onto offences, that people are mostly unaware of.

This image was taken using my professional camera, nothing like a professional selfie, at Mt Aspiring National Park. At the age of 53, I flew in a helicopter with open doors. I know that the time spent here has eclipsed that helicopter ride.

Wading into freezing cold rivers and lakes, with temperatures reduced to – 7 degrees. Departing home before dawn, driving the Crown Range road by myself, is intimidating to say the least. Encountering Hereford cows, which are impressive in size, on the Mt Aspiring Road, reluctant to move out the way. Yeah, and them too!

Driving on gravel roads at 35 kilometres an hour in thick fog, where the vehicle judders incessantly due to the condition of the road. On one occasion, coming face to face, or close enough, to a Hereford cow who was about to take me on, but I needed the shots! So I did my mini shoot praying for the cow to remain where she was, as she meant business. Doing photoshoots in the rain, on my own, umbrella in one hand and adjusting my camera, with the other hand. In freezing cold conditions.

Arriving at various photo shoot destinations in the dark, slipping into the shadows at the break of dawn to capture the sunrise. Heart beating and pulse in overdrive. Exploring areas that are spectacular and with roads to match but possessing a vehicle that can accomplish much, with little effort.

My initiation being at That Wanaka Tree, with throngs of people vying for the perfect shot. I learnt my lesson with the crowds: arrive very early and avoid the crush and the rush! Walking across the wide Matukitui river, offering me considerable resistance as it flowed with force, past me. Walking across extensive dry river beds, on stones, wearing waders and sinking into river sand, half way up my shins.

Photography is my true identity. God has called me to be a photographer. The image of me standing in that pose symbolises, ‘Welcome to my World’. Come and share my life through my website and my blogs.

My coat is useful. I store my water bottle and photographic equipment in it. The convenience of being completely ‘mobile’ as a landscape photographer is great.

As a landscape photographer, my intentionality is not to clone anyone else’s work or composition. I’m as original as my finger print and I intend my photography remaining that way. I learn from others, but I personalise it for what is real to me! To give you my best!

Thank you to my loyal followers. You are appreciated!

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