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Welcome the Moment!

WellingtonPoint, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is a warm and wonderful place where people meet and for some to experience solace.

During low tide one can walk to King Island which is ideal for families and for dogs who explore and enjoy the water.

Some dogs warmly welcome people with their energy along the water’s edge.

It is an experience well remembered.

Every sunrise and sunset is a memorable moment for everyone.

Wellington Point is a fishermen’s favourite, locally.

The fishermen cruise out to sea, some in modest boats, others, in impressive fishing vessels.

They are well acquainted with the tides. I love witnessing the expectancy the Seagulls and Pelicans possess as their sharpened instincts wait for the fishermen to return.

Every photoshoot at this special place, which is my office and my playground, is a treasure.

My tripod and my camera are secure in the water, ready for the sunrise or sunset.

During high tide naturally I’m unable to wade out too far in my waders, but my camera and equipment is always ready.

As a landscape/seascape photographer, I am passionate about God’s Creative brilliance in His sunrises and sunsets and the manner in which the sunlight uplifts people and transforms the landscape/seascape.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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