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Warm and Welcoming!

Lake Moke, South Island, New Zealand is located on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Road.

That road is simply breathtaking at any time of the year.

I left home early that morning for two photoshoots.

Driving the Crown Range in the dark is something I’m well acquainted with.

Photography, particularly experiencing the freedom associated with landscape photography, is my life and passion.

On a perfect day, so calm, as you can see, I stood in Lake Moke, wearing my waders, and clicked my camera button to my heart’s content.

The morning was warm, with the occasional light breeze.

People were picnicking all around me, absorbing the beauty of the landscape and relaxing.

I used my filters and adjusted my focal length on my lens accordingly, rotating my camera, when it was necessary.

As the conditions were perfect, it was not easy switching off my camera that day.

The gravel road to Lake Moke is good, narrow in places, but in excellent condition and well worth the journey.

As I have visited this lake and spectacular location on several occasions, I have photographed it, standing in various spots, offering interesting facets of inspirational countryside.

Perfect reflections of the mountains in the lake, are almost dazzling with beauty and brightness, at times.

My intentionality as a photographer is to draw you into the picture and to enable you to experience your emotions associated with it, that are appropriate to you!

Thank you for liking my work!

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