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Location: Lake Pukaki, South Island, New Zealand.

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I drove from Pleasant Point, to Lake Pukaki. The drive was fantastic, I left before sunrise and did a photoshoot at Lake Alexandrina, on the outskirts of Tekapo.

Driving from Tekapo, I decided to stop at Lake Pukaki. The wind was very strong, whilst the cloud formations were incredible, dramatic and impregnated with precipitation.

Parking my vehicle on the side of a busy main road, I literally ran to the lake, with excitement; with my photographic equipment accompanying me, I made my way to the waters edge. The wind was so strong that I could not leave my tripod unattended. On one occasion the wind almost tipped my camera onto the ground, with the weight of the telephoto lens attached to it.

In weather conditions such as that morning, a photographer has to think very quickly. My photographic filters are within easy reach, attached to my belt and categorised in sequence of their filter rating.

It was truly a remarkable time. Heavy clouds, formed in two strong columns trailed across the sky, which were ‘threatening’ with rain. I asked God if He would permit me to finish my shoot without the rain making an appearance. He blessed me with dry conditions.

This photo was captured during the latter part of my shoot. I predominately used the 70mm-200mm telephoto lens. It is a superb lens. With F2.8, it enables the light to perform incredibly well under any weather/light conditions.

As you can see, there is such a dramatic contrast with heavy clouds and bright blue water, and of course, the spectacular mountain range.

Thank you for appreciating my work!