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Uplifting – “a stillness rested upon the shoulders of Brisbane”

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is Upifting, an iconic shot of Brisbane at sunrise.
A print of Uplifting was donated to the charity, The Pyjama Foundation, in a silent auction.

From Clare’s Journal

“I left home fairly early that winter morning as the trip to Mt Coot-Tha, Brisbane, Australia, involves concentrated driving. When I arrived at this beautiful location, it was obvious it was too early for the other photographers.

It is an iconic photographic location with a view that directs one’s gaze towards Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city. As the time unfolded towards first light, photographers started trickling towards the precipice that attracts landscape photographers to stretch their photographic prowess. Before anyone else arrived, I intentionally sought the perfect position in which to use my quality photo lens.

The preparation involved, before I arrive at my photoshoot locations persistently prepares me for a seamless experience when I commence shooting. My camera batteries are always charged, my lens cleaned, my filters are ready for use, as well as ensuring my camera settings are correct. This process eliminates unnecessary last minute stress. My tripod is strong and secure as my camera is a respectable weight.”

Capturing the Shot

Once I’d secured my spot, as always I’m oblivious to the distractions that sometimes occur around me during a shoot. I started shooting, and with time, the thin light was becoming more evident across the horizon, separating light from darkness. As the night surrendered to daylight, the appearance of mist started settling across the city of Brisbane. It cocooned the city in golden misty light, woven intricately, as with a quality blanket.

The scene was surreal, and yet breathtakingly beautiful. A stillness rested upon the shoulders of Brisbane. It was a soothing, serene sight. What was significant was the majority of the photographers departed from the scene before the ultimate moment. This was when nature exhibited a spectacular display that continues to linger in my memory.

Typically, I am usually the last photographer standing. I purposefully extract every ounce of minute light detail that accurately reflects what I see and capture.

My work is captured from my soul, purposefully transporting one to a different space and place! Distinctly different, with you in mind.

Uplifting is available to purchase as a piece of Wall Art in the Clare Page Photography Shop. Available in several different sizes and framed/unframed options. Uplifting can also be purchased as part of a series of Gold Coast location pieces for private homes & commercial uses. Please contact Clare directly for more information.