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Some things in life are so profound they leave a lasting impression. That is how I felt when I captured Mt Pisa, in Otago, South Island, New Zealand. It was fairly close to where I lived in South Island, New Zealand. I travelled in the dark, pre-dawn and arrived at a good time.

My intentionality is to always know where I’m going in advance which prepares me for my photo shoots. If you are without direction, it wastes too much time. And at sunrise, time cannot be wasted. I captured Mt Pisa as landscape and as a Panoramic. The telephoto lens I have is of good quality and the sharpness is worth the investment.

As I was travelling to my destination, a thunderous noise emitted in the valley. The farmers protect their grape vines from frost by using turbo fans that sound like helicopter blades. They are big in size and volume. As I drove up the winding sealed road, this impressive mountain range greeted me in the early morning just before sunrise.

I stepped up a big bank, with my camera and tripod and photographic equipment, particularly my filters, and set myself up for a memorable shoot. Although there was only a light dusting of snow, it was just enough to add interest. The valley was lush due to the rain we had been experiencing whilst the vines were starting to take shape, advancing into Spring.

This area is in the Cromwell District, which is closely connected to Queenstown. It is well recognised for its Pinotage wines. The soil and climatic conditions suit this wine variety perfectly. Witnessing the grape vine leaves in Spring and particularly in Autumn is a sight to behold. Lank Dustan is also on the outer fringes of Cromwell. It is large and scenic, with wrap around mountains.

Many of my photo shoots were well complemented with a hot beverage and great food from Nicholl’s Garden Centre in Cromwell. Photography and being a Landscape Photographer inspires me to re-define my focus in life!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Mt Pisa Mountain Range, Cromwell District, Otago, South Island, New Zealand