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This is an incredible photoshoot location, Fingal Head, New South Wales, Australia.

I had read about it and seen photos of it, taken by other photographers.

It was my intention to visit it as soon as possible.

Securing my spot at Fingal Head is always a good challenge.

The location is exposed, with waves that arrive at the rocks at an accelerated rate and crash against them. So impressive!

On each occasion I have visited this destination, the power of God has inspired me and subdued me at the same time.

All my life I’ve had a fascination with water and on the odd occasion, there have been some fairly close calls. But God’s hand is always upon me.

This particularly morning I was almost breathless with excitement as the water smashed against the rocks, and at times, my camera and equipment experienced a slight ‘splash’.

When we want to accomplish our God-given dreams, it takes more than wishing.

A wish bone dream will not be developed into a ‘backbone reality’ until you relentlessly pursue the dream that God has chosen for you.

It is borne out of a passion, how we are wired and it involves dedication, faith and doing and doing and doing and doing and doing it, until God has strengthened His passion and purpose in your life for His calling.

And you are ready to be released by God into your God-given destiny, occupying its reality!

The pursuit and dogged determination is worth it!

Thank you for liking my work!

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