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Come with me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photo shoot.

My time spent in the South Island of New Zealand recently was exceptionally good. The weather conditions were perfect.

Earlier in the morning I shot at Glenorchy. On my return to Queenstown, I decided to visit Lake Kilpatrick and Lake Moke. The road leading to those two beautiful lakes deteriorates as you head towards them.

A driver needs to exercise caution particularly during the winter months when the country gravel roads are icy. But the drive is worth it. When I arrived at Lake Moke, it was at lunch time. My timing was not right as the sun was right above me. Fortunately I was able to get some interesting shots of that magnificent lake.

I decided to head towards Lake Kilpatrick, it was on the way home. When I arrived at the lake, the conditions were perfect. It was perfect paradise. It is seldom for one to experience such exceptional weather during the early winter months.

Although I was weary, I secured my camera onto my tripod. The beauty around me was so extraordinary, I did not know where to begin shooting.

The breeze was gentle it did not create a ripple across the lake. I changed my compositions regularly. I needed to get my timing right for this shot, particularly as I was shooting from the road. I ended my photo shoot with this shot. The road can be busy.

Everything came together beautifully during this photo shoot. I walked away with peace and joy in my heart. It’s a shoot I will remember for some time to come. Lake Kilpatrick is a beautiful, worthwhile destination to drive to. As is Lake Moke.