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Truly Remarkable!

How could one not be amazed at such inspirational beauty that commands your attention?

The Remarkables, Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand, are truly remarkable!

This mountain range is noted for its ski field.

It is a place like no other.

I enjoyed walking around the golf course at Jacks Point, capturing other dimensions of a truly magnificent location.

My photoshoot was very special. I was blessed with exceptionally good weather.

As I stood on the fringe of the lake, with native grasses surrounding my tripod, I clicked away, capturing  memorable moments.

Photographer, nature and camera equipment as one.

As a landscape photographer, I instinctively capture the essence and the mood of the landscape, releasing energy into my images.

Composition is significant, but my passion is to accurately interpret the landscape, enabling you to absorb the beauty, as I saw it.

The restaurant at Jacks Point is idyllic as it overlooks the lake and a spectacular landscape.

A nearby air strip was well frequented by sky divers due to the perfect weather conditions.

The early morning light from the sun rise and the house lights, cast a warmth across the lake.

Beautiful reflections. Memorable moments.

Indulge in your imagination, releasing freedom!

Thank you for liking my work!

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