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Cardrona, South Island, New Zealand.

The moment I arrived at this photo shoot location I instinctively knew it was going to be special.

It was cold with intermittent rain. When the fog made an appearance it made me very happy. Fog adds such an interesting dynamic to the countryside.

I levelled my tripod, my camera was at the ready with my photographic filters at hand. My camera button was very busy during this photo shoot.

This gravel road winds its way up to the Cardrona ski field. The condition of the road is good.

The day I captured this image, was the final ski day at Cardrona. The traffic heading towards the ski field was impressive. Some travelling at speed to arrive at their destination in good time.

It was an amazing shoot as the fog was inconsistent, which was perfect. Towards the end of my shoot a light dusting of snow appeared on the ranges.

As you can imagine, I took a few minutes to occupy this road. Spontaneous moments always pay off.

The road returned to its busyness as soon as I removed my camera and tripod from the road.

In the valley, I came across a farmer herding his sheep. I was in my element, camera in hand and capturing the sheep close up.

Being a Landscape Photographer gives me great joy and it’s a pleasure to share my world with you.

Thank you for appreciating my work!