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Join me in experiencing my adventures and excitement on my photo shoots, as I unwrap my journey involved in capturing images that linger, whilst reflecting spectacular scenery that soak the soul with peace and hope!

I decided at the last minute to drive to the Sunshine Coast. It was my first visit to this wonderful location. My journey was slow due to the roadworks. I arrived with no time to spare.

My photographic equipment was ready. I walked the distance to what was the best position. As I was unfamiliar with the surrounds, I engaged in some tricky paths to reach my final place to shoot from. The tide was coming in. The sky literally exploded before me in colour.

I attached my camera to my tripod without focussing on the sunrise. I know how quickly the light can fade. It becomes a distraction. As soon as my camera was ready, so was I. I steadied myself on a rock shelf and immediately began shooting.

My timing was perfect. I had the time of my life watching the sky reflect its magnificence across the water. I realised that I needed to pack every minute into my camera. It was wonderful watching the water cascade over the rocks in the incoming tide.

Timing is paramount in life. And photography is no different. I packed away my equipment and returned to my vehicle with a spring in my step.