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Location: Wilson Bay, Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand.

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I drove to Wilson Bay early in the morning, arriving there just before dawn. The weather was perfect. A star-studded sky sparkled above me.

As I walked towards Lake Wakatipu, I was inspired, releasing my tripod legs, secured them in the lake, whilst my camera was ready for a busy photoshoot.

Having adjusted my camera towards the east, sunrise, a duck accompanied me as the light softly pierced the water.

The duck remained close by and added to the incredible dynamics of a spectacular area and sunrise.

Conditions were perfect, with a gentle breeze, which hardly agitated the surface of the water.

It was quiet around me, with the absence of humanity!

As the sunrise became more evident, I busied myself with adjusting my camera and its functions.

At the end of the shoot, I enjoyed the moment as the light illuminated the mountains in an incredible way.

Thank you for appreciating my work!