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Time and Tide!

What does 2018 look like to you and for you?

Life involves an ebb of tides. Nothing ever stays the same, and neither should it!

There is a pulse and a heartbeat to life that determines its rhythm.

Where there is balance in nature, there is harmony.

As the wave advances towards the shore, it has a purpose and a direction.

It is transitioning from the momentum of the ocean to the serene shore as represented in this picture.

God commands us to be still to know that He is God.

Perhaps it is time for you to lay aside your busyness and to surrender your multitude of activities to Him.

Seek God’s guidance to prioritise your everyday. Take time out to hear His still, small voice. Sometimes it is a whisper.

The reflections are distinctive as a result of the calmness of the moment.

Ask God for wisdom in every situation.

Wisdom has a Voice, Jesus Christ. He knows what you need to say and when you need to do it. Seek His Divine Counsel.

A ripple effect can be powerful. What messages are you receiving in your mind? And what do you intend doing with them?

You are created for a time such as this! Celebrate this moment!

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