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As a landscape photographer I love the wide open spaces, including this beautiful spot which is so conveniently located.

In almost a year of being in Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand, I have experienced inspirational landscapes and lake and river scenes with memorable reflections, which have sharpened my photographic skills.

I have visited this location fairly regularly, always under varying temperature and weather conditions which is perfect for composition and to adjust quickly to those conditions.

The wonderful and inspirational thing with landscape photography, you hope and expect extraordinary colours and God always paints the sky in hues that are awe-inspiring.

Photoshoots are always a surprise package, never anything predictable, which I love.

I have leant to read the clouds and I’m learning to predict weather accordingly from understanding the cloud formations.

Landscape Photography can sometimes be solitary but it can also be blended with other photographers, tourists or passersby which adds a tapestry of beauty to my day and life.

The day and life of a photographer, from a personal perspective, is inspiring and capturing the landscape or lake or river in a creative way, particularly when it is a high tourist area, is always a memorable moment.

I always have my camera, tripod and filters at the ready for a spontaneous shoot. Why not?!

Image: Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.

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