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Take a Moment!

Mt Aspiring National Park, New Zealand.

As a landscape photographer, the world is my office and my playground!

Photography: I live it, I love it and grow from it!

Life is an inspirational teacher and I have learnt so much from being a photographer.

During my photoshoots, I concentrate on the landscape, the light and the forever changing conditions.

But there are times when I’m able to rest and relax in the moment.

When I captured this shot, my most recent photo shoot of Mt Aspiring National Park, I had been shooting for several hours.

But as I crossed the Matukituki River I was so inspired when I set my sight on the inspirational landscape before me.

A combination of the river, mountains and trees, reflections and beautiful birdsong. Everything came together so harmoniously.

On one occasion I captured the birdsong on my phone. Sounds of silence, only interrupted by the soft sounds of birds and the rhythm of the river.

I lowered my tripod in the river and captured this scintillating scene.

Photography is my true identity. God called me to this incredible craft to discover Who He is and to realise how indescribable He really is!

Thank you for liking my work!

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