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An orchestra, when well conducted is a beautiful blend of harmony that stimulates or soothes your soul!

A symphony is “an extended musical composition for orchestra in several movements, typically four.”

Seasons in our lives can parallel with that quote. Some can be harmonious, whilst others ‘introduce’ themselves to grow us.

Challenges can involve hurt and pain, it is during this time, that we need to be conscious of the temptation to murmur, complain and to resist the temptation being poisonous.

If you become intentional about your current posture, arrest any attempt at a passage of ‘escape’!

In your times of trials, it is essential to look up, keep your eyes on Jesus, keep your shoulders square and discipline yourself to growing (emotionally) during the season of opposition.

Surround yourself with people, without being co-dependent, who are good listeners and at the same time, offer sound advice.

Stop looking back and reaching for the familiar. Challenges are ‘inviting’ you to transform your thinking and to let go of what lies behind.

If you are expecting new things, with new results, say farewell to your familiar ways. It is time to shift a gear or two into a new dimension!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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