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Australia is a beautiful land of superb contrasts. It is an exciting country to capture.

But it also has it’s peaceful moments as captured the morning of this photo shoot.

Whenever I arrive at my photo shoot location I always have an excitement about me.

The tide was low the morning on this photo shoot, making wading into the water a lot easier particularly just at first light.

As the night surrenders to the day, the clouds become more visible of course and this morning I knew was going to be spectacular.

As the sunrise and dawn approached and the light became more apparent, the light was absolutely breathtaking;

woven perfectly thorough the clouds.

With my tripod in the water, and magnificent reflections in front of and around me, I clicked away with my camera using my shutter release.

In moments like this, as a Landscape Photographer, I am very busy keeping my eyes on the peripheral light around me.

It’s not just whats in front of a photographer that matters, but looking around to expect new developments of light, in seconds.

Making the most of the light and beauty around me.

The pattern of the foreground clouds draws one into the picture.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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