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Sunset Serenade!

Aah yes … strolling along the shore at sunset with my camera, tripod and photographic equipment, witnessing the skyline come alive with the intense colours bursting forth at sunset.

The tide was out, people were having fun with their dogs on the long stretch of sand at Wellington Point, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

You could picture yourself here, couldn’t you?!

What would you be doing in a setting such as this?

Walking, talking or simply pondering?!

The conditions were so calm, with perfect reflections of the setting sun in the water.

Although the sunset was striking it also brought a sense of peace due to the stillness of the scene.

Sunday evening, where people have rested and relaxed. Meandering into the sunset. Beautifully blended.

I reduced my tripod legs to capture the beauty before me more effectively.

Wellington Point is such a stunning location. At high and low tide it attracts the public, whether fishermen or people simply enjoying a relaxing walk with loved ones and their dogs.

Water attracts, doesn’t it?

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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