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Standing in Lake Wakatipu, in Glendhu Bay, during my photo shoot was inspirational.

Glendhu Bay is in close proximity to Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

The golden Poplar trees literally ‘pop’ and burst with colour when the sun ‘strikes’ them!

I was standing in fairly deep water in the lake to capture the intensity of the trees releasing reflections that were untouched by a breeze.

The conditions that morning remained perfect during my entire photo shoot!

It was so easy, simply rotating my camera on my tripod and adjusting the focal length of my lens.

Whilst I have been shooting in New Zealand, I have grown as a photographer due to the nature of the landscape and the weather conditions.

I have become more familiar with cloud watching and reading. It is intriguing forecasting the weather from the formation of the clouds.

Landscape photography and being a landscape photographer is more than just clicking a button.

If your intentionality is to be the best you can be as a landscape photographer, it involves inspiration, fresh thinking and a passion to pursue something out of the ordinary.

That applies each time you go for a  photo shoot!

Perseverance pays!

Exposure is not only in the camera, but it is about extending oneself to go the extra mile to be kind and to interact with the public!

Thank you for liking my work!

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