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This tree was a ‘serendipitous’ moment.

I was focussed on the light in the sky and the effect it had on the Grand Canyon when I noticed this skeletal tree.

What captured my attention was the ‘pull’ of the clouds and the intensity of the blue sky that draw your attention whilst looking at the tree.

The tree, the clouds and the sky are dramatic. They are a strong leading line, fixing your focus on them.

Whilst other photographers were hopping around on the rocks below me, which was good, I knew I’d discovered something special so I remained in this area for some time.

Isn’t it intriguing that our instincts initiate something that excites and evokes emotions?!

Look for the things that take you to another place and space, and reflect on the good things.

Let us count our blessings!


Image: Striking

Location: Desert View, Grand Canyon, USA

Available for viewing at Agora Gallery, New York,  from 03 – 23 December 2016