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Home 5 Journal 5 Splendour!


As a Landscape Photographer, every photo shoot is exciting. I always have my camera, tripod and photographic equipment in my vehicle. For the ‘just in case’ moment!

The evening I captured this image was absolutely perfect. The light was incredible as you can tell by looking at the reflections.

It is a location with extraordinary opportunities to be versatile with a camera. I secured my tripod alongside the water’s edge and started shooting immediately.

The light conditions improved as the day drew into evening with the sun setting over the salt pans.

In this vicinity, sugar cane is burnt and as a result, as can be seen on the left hand side of the image, smoke clouds appear in the sky.

This area is known for unpredictability with regards to crocodiles so I decided to vacate it before dusk arrived.

As I packed up my camera and photographic filters and tripod, it was with a sense, I could stay here longer. But common sense and safety prevailed.

The infusion of the colours were inspirational. During the day, it is a lovely area, but the difference a sunrise or a sunset can make!

My attraction to this destination is that it is on a road less travelled. It is places and moments such as these that linger in your memory, don’t they?

Thank you for appreciating  my work!

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Location: North Queensland, Australia