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This was my last photo shoot in New Zealand before immigrating to Australia.

As usual, I left early in the morning due to the snow and ice on the roads, particularly on the Crown Range, which is located just outside Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand.

My vehicle is always packed with my photographic equipment, food and clothing. In a cold country, such as New Zealand, extra clothing and food is something to consider.

Being a Landscape Photographer, I watch the weather and weather patterns and it looked like Coronet Peak, a ski field in close proximity to Queenstown, was a great place to do a photo shoot.

The ice was prevalent on the roads so I’m pleased I left early, enabling me to arrive just in time for sunrise.

It was absolutely freezing heading towards Coronet Peak. Light snow was already spread across the Remarkables mountain range.

Wearing layers of clothing kept me nice and warm. I saw an ideal location to sit and to capture the landscape before me, whilst perched on the side of a very steep hill.

It was ideal as the posture I had minimised the freezing cold conditions.

As the light was breaking across the sky, I could see the sunrise was going to be special.

Along the way, I discovered an easy route to get to my desired spot.

I secured my camera onto my tripod in advance, which eliminated carrying my camera bag on my back.

Before too long I was ready to shoot, shutter release in hand and my camera was busy in action.

Quite frankly I could have spent hours on that impressive hill. But I needed to drive home to have my vehicle loaded onto the car carrier.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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