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As the light was breaking on the horizon, I expected a brilliant sunrise.

The clouds were absent, but the intense orange and yellow that soaked the horizon was indescribable.

Because the tide was high it gave the impression of the water looking ‘swollen.’

The conditions were so calm.

Pelicans swam around with expectancy as there was a hive of activity with the fishing boats heading out to sea.

Pedestrians and fishermen on the pier were relaxed and enjoyed the surrounding beauty!

In front of me fish, some sizeable, were jumping out the water just ahead of where I was standing.

Wearing my waders is beneficial as I can stand in the water, and prepare my composition thoughtfully.

It was a glorious time. Appreciating the reflections of the pier before me whilst the sun soaked water is soothing.

I love the bright, warm  colours of Australia.

My tripod is used to being emptied of water after photo shoots whilst my camera is always busy capturing the essence of the moment.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Clare Page Photography: Instinctive and inviting!